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SLE4442 contact IC card 256byte white or pre-printing smart card

SLE4442 contact IC card 256byte white or pre-printing smart card
Product Description

The SLE4442 contact IC card is probably the most favored "Smart Memory Cards" on the world. This chip includes a sensible 256-Byte EEPROM with Write Protect Function and Programmable The Three (PSC). This chip contains and EEPROM organized 1024 x 8 bit offering the opportunity of programmable write protection for each and every byte. Reading in the whole memory is always possible. The memory might be written and erased byte by byte.

Data is only able to be changed after entry in the correct 3-byte programmable 3 digit (security memory).

The SLE4442  contact IC card is an excellent card on your gift or loyalty program, IT Login, or another applications.


Key features:

- Synchronous communication protocol, ISO 7816 compatible 

- 32 protected memory;

- 256 byte EEPROM;

- 3 bytes of user passwords, password error count: 3;

- temperature range: 0 to 70 DEG c;

- at least 100000 times erasable;

- at least 10 year data retention period.


-          Dimension: 85.60 x 53.98mm  CR80  or custom

-          Material : PVC , PET, PC, PET-G, Paper

-          Thicknes : 0.84 + - 0.02mm

-          Card surface: Matt/ glossy laminated


-          printing option: offset printing/ silkscreen printing/digital printing

-          Magnetic strip : LoCo 300oe,650oe, HICO 2750 oe ,4000 oe

-          Hole punching, Embossed, Hologram

-          Hot Stamping: silver/gold or custom

-          Barcode/number ( thermal print, UV inkjet, DOD inkjet, laser inkjet)

-          Signature: white or transparent

-          Silver/gold metallic

-          Laser background

-          Epoxy effect on surface

-           UV embossing