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International Mobile SIM Cards

International Mobile SIM Cards
Product Description

The SIM cards (Subscriber Identity Module)  and as know which are used for identification card, RFID smart cards, GSM digital mobile phone must be installed on this card can use.

SIM cards the size of the original card (i.e., just before the) size of 54mm * 85mm(bank card standard size),

Mini-SIM : 25 X15mm,

Micro-SIM: 12X15MM

Nano-SIM: 12 x 9mm ( This is for iPhone)

SIM card

SIM card has a capacity of 8K, 16K, 32K, 64K,128K,256K above which the large capacity 512k SIM card are collectively referred to as the STK card.

Quite a few in GSM move network, plus it provides the basic operation of voice, data, etc. It also give you the aim of STK menu, it sustains multi-add value application, OTA download and upgrade

 Measure up and criterion:

 -ISO 7816

- GSM 11.11

-GSM 11.12

 -GSM 11.14

 -GSM 03.48

 -OTA1/2criterion(China mobile)

 -other criterion of operator

 -Safety and authentication arithmetic

 -COMP128- 1/2/3


 Function and Characteristics:

 *Store data and identify Internet protocol address

  *GSM basic telecom operation

  *inner copy system maintain data integrality

  *I/O baud rate may be adjust(PPS support), offer the electricity saving environment protecting mode of clock pause

  *anti-clone protection

  *quicken the reading of classifieds and MSM in card

  *multi STK add value applications

  *OTA download and upgrade, support RFM%u3001RAM and DSM

  *support MSM batch issuing and super classifieds management

  *support China mobile bank special card proposal

  *good terminal compatibility