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EM4233 SLIC- 1k bit Read/Write ISO 15693 EM card and EM tag

EM4233 SLIC- 1k bit Read/Write ISO 15693 EM card and EM tag
Product Description


-          Dimension: 85.60 x 53.98mm  CR80  or custom

-          Material : PVC , PET, PC, PET-G, Paper

-          Thicknes : 0.84 + - 0.02mm

-          Card surface: Matt/ glossy laminated



-          printing option: offset printing/ silkscreen printing/digital printing

-          Magnetic strip : LoCo 300oe,650oe, HICO 2750 oe ,4000 oe

-          Magnetic strip : LoCo ( black) , HICO ( black/silver/gold)

-          Hole punching, Embossed, Hologram

-          Hot Stamping: silver/gold or custom

-          Thermal print number/ barcode, UV inkjet print number/barcode, Inkjet number/barcode, laser number

-          Signature: white or transparent

-          Silver/gold metallic

-          Laser background

-          Epoxy effect on surface

-          UV embossing logo


Application of EM4233 SLIC

-          Long-term asset management

-          Library management

-          Archives and collections

-          Pharmaceuitcal


The EM4233 SLIC is a long range passive CMOS integrated circuit designed for use in applications requiring a contactless read/write memory offering reading range performances. The configurable 1k bit EEPROM memory a part of the chip is organized in 32 words of 32 bits. The improved 32 bit password security feature permits a flexible administration of the memory access rights which makes it the proper solution for advanced theft protection. This latest generation of EEPROM memory offers data retention of six decades enabling solutions for lengthy-term asset management applications like archives or long live books. The on-chip EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) and the AFI (Application Field Identifier) features make device compliant wonderful world wide library standards and infrastructures. The IC supports all the ISO15693 Mandatory commands and a lot of the optional commands. Its command set is completed by unique custom commands which give to the EM4233 SLIC customers a higher a higher level differentiation in terms of security, flexibility information protection. Each EM4233SLIC has a 64 bit unique serial number programmed at factory level which is not altered and guaranties the uniqueness of each one device.

EM4233 SLIC is very suitable for making EM card and EM tag.

EM card and EM tag of EM4233 with high security code for different kinds of application specially for long read range requirment such as lirbrary managment or long-term asset managment



-          ISO15693/ISO18000-3 protocol

-          Long range and low power vicinity transponder IC

-          64-bit ISO15693 Unique Identifier (UID)

-          1K bit user’s free memory( 32 blocks of 32 bit)

-          60 years memory data retention

-          32 bit password security to protect chip memory data and functionality

-          Optional password protected application field identifier

-          Smart and flexible electronic article surveillance feature

-          Password protected Destroy function to deactivate forever the tag

-          The password is privacy mode protected

-          (DSFID) Data storage format identifier

-          EEPROM blocks/pages locking mechanisms

-          Fully support all ISO/IEC 15693 commands and a complete set of custom commands

-          On-chip resonant capacitor options 23.5pF and 97pF

-          -40 to 85˚C temperature range

-          Bonding pas optimized for flip- chip assembly