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Legic cards (Legic MIM256 Legic MIM1024)

Legic cards (Legic MIM256 Legic MIM1024)
Product Description

Legic cards

LEGIC Prime series is the company in 1992 introduced a line of very high reliability of contactless RFID card, the chip so far has not been compromised, not compatible chip, enough to see the high security of their products. Prime series models commonly used LEGCI MIM256 and LEGIC MIM1024, products widely used in access control, identification and other security areas, a dominant position in the access control security markets in Europe.


Available chips :

Legic MIM256 Memory: 256 Bytes

Legic MIM1024 Memory: 1024 Bytes


Typical Applications:

-          Electronic purse

-          E-Ticketing

-          Access control and Time & attendance

-          Parking card

-          Logistics



-          multiapplications via freely programmable,variable segment lengths

-          improved communication range as a result of small power utilization of MIM

-          highly robust as a result of encrypted, contactless 13.56 MHz data

-          fast access to application via search string

-          compatibility between chip generations

-          encrypted data transmission

-          high security because of unique authorisation concept

-          none erasable/duplicable unique number and licensee identification

-          individually programmable read/write protection for every segment

-          single ASIC Chip

-          technology transfer and support through license concept