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SLE4428 smart cards

SLE4428 smart cards
Product Description

SLE4428 smart cards

SLE4448 cards are imported Siemens SLE4448 chip of a contact IC card, has the advantage of logic encryption and write protection, the company now offers  blank SLE4448 smart cards and excellent customzied printable cards. Currently these cards are mainly suitable for telecom cards, IP cards, smart cards, IC cards, membership cards, electronic tickets, VIP, medical, insurance, transport, schools and the like.


- 1024 bytes of EEPROM

-1024 bytes write protected areas (curing data)

-2-byte password error count 8 times

- Temperature range: -35 ℃ ~ + 80 ℃

-At least 10 million times rewritable

-At least 10 years data retention

- Operating voltage: 5V

The functional description :

-SLE4428 capacity of 1K bytes, the address space from 0 to 1023.

-All data except the password, in any case may be read out, the password can be read after the check correctly.

-All data including the password itself can be written or changed after checking the correct password.

-All data bytes can be write-protected, write-protected data after curing, can not be changed under any circumstances.

-There is a password error counter. Address is 1021. The initial value of 8, check the error code once, then subtract 1. If the counter value is 0, the entire project, the data card is locked, only read out, can not write and can not continue to check or change the password; if not zero, you only need to have a correct check, the counter will return to the initial value.

-The password length is 2 bytes, the address is 1022,1023. There are 216 kinds of combinations before the password verification is correct, the two read address is "00"; and changes can not be written; after checking the correct password can read the password, change your password, the password will remain in effect until the card down so far.

-A unique code. Address is 21 to 26 card user code, which is globally unique user code, the maximum guarantee the interests of users, this code can not be changed after the cured writes.

-Addresses 0 to 7, 21 to 26 prior to curing factory by the manufacturer, can not be changed.

Kindly carful followings about SLE4428 smart cards :

-SLE4428 has three security mechanisms: the user's password, a unique code, curing written. Failure to check the correct password, you can not write data, the data written by a write-protected (curing) can not be changed. Using the unique code identified as IC card system used, to avoid the same type of counterfeit cards into the system.

-SLE4428 cards without a password can read the entire data card, so pay attention to the content encryption designed to prevent vandals identification data format.

-The whole card is not partitioned, upon checking the correct password can be any address to write or modify data, so the design should pay attention to proper curing data content and data encryption to prevent inadvertent destruction of data or illegal change data.

-After the correct password verification, can be read out. Therefore, the design of the program to be able to prevent the illegal use spoilers interrupt program run, go directly to read the password method to steal passwords. adobe reader logo SLE4428 chip data sheet (384 KB)

Differences between SLE4428 and SLE5528

SLE4428 upgrade chip SLE5528, the only difference between these two models in the production process and production costs, SLE5528 SLE4428 production costs to be much lower than that. For users, the performance of the two models are exactly the same, without any distinction use. Currently SLE4428 has been discontinued.

Compatible with SLE4428 

The FM4428 is fully compatible with SLE4428 , but because SLE4428 chip is imported, there will be many additional costs such as tariffs, so the price is relatively high. FM4428 is in mainland China production, lower production costs, the price has a strong competitive edge, so more and more systems are used instead of the FM4428 chip SLE4428.


-          Dimension: 85.60 x 53.98mm  CR80  or custom

-          Material : PVC , PET, PC, PET-G, Paper

-          Thicknes : 0.84 + - 0.02mm

-          Card surface: Matt/ glossy laminated



-          printing option: offset printing/ silkscreen printing/digital printing

-          Magnetic strip : LoCo 300oe,650oe, HICO 2750 oe ,4000 oe

-          Magnetic strip : LoCo ( black) , HICO ( black/silver/gold)

-          Hole punching, Embossed, Hologram

-          Hot Stamping: silver/gold or custom

-          Thermal print number/ barcode, UV inkjet print number/barcode, Inkjet number/barcode, laser number

-          Signature: white or transparent

-          Silver/gold metallic

-          Laser background

-          Epoxy effect on surface

-          UV embossing logo