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SRI512 card 13.56Mhz ISO14443 B with 512 bit EEPROM short-range contactless Card

SRI512 card 13.56Mhz ISO14443 B with 512 bit EEPROM short-range contactless Card
Product Description

SRI512 card

The SRI512 card is smart contactless card in 13.56MHz working frequency and follows the iISO 14443-2 Type B  and ISO 14443-3 Type B protocol. It contains 512 bit-use memory and 64-bit Unique Identifier. The data transfer rate between the SRI512 and the reader is 106 kbit/s in both reception and emission modes.


SRI512 card applications:



-Cash payment system

-Transportation ticket

-Loyalty program




-ISO14443-3 Type B frame format compliant

-ISO14443-2 Type B air interface compliant

-HF 13.56MHz frequency

-847kHz subcarrier frequency

-106Kbit/s data transfer

-8 bit Chip_ID based anticollision system

-2 Count-down binary counters with automated antitearing protection

-Read-block and Write_block (32bits)

-64 bit Unique Identifier

-512-bit EEPROM with write protect feature

-1 million erase/write cycles

-Internal tuning capacitor

-40 years data retention

-5ms typical programming time

-Self-timed programming cycle




-          Dimension: 85.60 x 53.98mm  CR80  or custom

-          Material : PVC , PET, PC, PET-G, Paper

-          Thickness : 0.84 + - 0.02mm

-          Card surface: Matt/ glossy laminated



-          printing option: offset printing/ silkscreen printing/digital printing

-          Magnetic strip : LoCo 300oe,650oe, HICO 2750 oe ,4000 oe

-          Magnetic strip : LoCo ( black) , HICO ( black/silver/gold)

-          Hole punching, Embossed, Hologram

-          Hot Stamping: silver/gold or custom

-          Thermal print number/ barcode, UV inkjet print number/barcode, Inkjet number/barcode, laser number

-          Signature: white or transparent

-          Silver/gold metallic

-          Laser background

-          Epoxy effect on surface

-          UV embossing logo